Government Shutdown Delaying Your Loan? It Shouldn’t!

At LendSolid, we continue to close loans with NO delay due to the government shutdown. Underwriting, approval, and funding continue as normal. Our speed remains unaffected. As a result, Conventional, FHA, VA, and Jumbo loans all continue to progress without interruption.

As you have heard, many borrowers and home buyers are finding their loans in limbo due to the shutdown. Some government shutdown mortgage loans home buyers purchase mortgage companies require IRS tax transcripts, FHA documentation, or SSN confirmations. Due to the government shutdown, these services may not be available, causing stalled loans. Here at LendSolid, we can waive any government requirements if the service needed is not available. Having an issue with a stalled loan? Ask your mortgage company or loan officer to do the same!

We are always here to help. If you do need assistance with a loan or a borrower, let us know. We know you and your borrower will be happy with the result.